Mirror Mirror

Caravancicle at Burning Man 2014 was a mind blowing success.  Every detail, from the custom accommodations to the hot and cold water plumbing, to the gift packets of extremely pure ‘playa dust’, was executed with the perfect precision that only our multi-year experience building luxury camps could have accomplished.

For 2015, the Burning Man community theme is Carnival of Mirrors; that asks three essential questions:  who is the trickster, who is being tricked, and how might we discover who we really are.   You and I, we know the answers to these questions.  Therefore, we christen our 2015 extravaganza “Mirror Mirror“.  Through the magic of our camp, you will examine in glorious detail just how awesome it is to be you, in that place, at that time.  The mirror shall not lie, there will be none in all the land having a grander time than yourself and your fellow exclusive camp mates.

We learned a lot in 2014. We learned that if we pushed our own limits, and those of the community, we could achieve anything we desired without repercussion.  Taking that lesson with us to Black Rock City in 2015, we are going for broke and setting our sights even higher.

The camp council is still working on this year’s four guiding principles, and the camp layout is still being tweaked.  So, by all means, subscribe to this page or check back soon.  We promise to have information about reservations, rates, banquet menus, and a catalog of Maidens of Merriment posted here soon.


5 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror”

  1. Jimbo! Great to see you are back! WTF happened with all that bad pookey and shite? I thought we bribed the BMORG properly, but those rat bastards let it all spin out of control.

    This year we need to get some of the guys from SetBuilders or Disney signed-up to build our little “Nay”-borhood. Someone with some clue about meeting deadlines and possessing a proper work ethic!

    That whole trash thingie was a bit of a tarbaby though. Ain’t gonna lie. Once that little twat with the clean-up crew posted those pictures and the monologue, things got a little dicey. Can we sue her for slander? I’m thinking a gaggle of really top-flight lawyers and a good defamation tort will get these plebs to STFU in the future.

    A last thought: Up the fees a bit, will ya? My neighbor was some wanna-be venture capitalist who spent the entire party preaching to me about “The Tin Principle”. No clue what he has on about, but it wasn’t pretty. Scared away most of the pussy, and I had to buy two of those bitches you brought-in from Vegas. (Not bad, btw. They even had Health Cards!).

    Later Gator. When you get done sueing the snot out of Lost Hotel, we need to bang our heads together and make this year a total blow-out. Harvey and Le Maid are totally up for it, so lets Git Er Dun!

    1. Yeah, that whole Lost Hotel deal went sour fast. That’s what I get for trying to keep the production withing the ‘Burning Man Ecosystem’. Would you believe that one of the founders told me doing it that way would keep all the negativity at bay?

      I talked to my buddy Sean Parker, and he put me in touch with the production company who put together his wedding. Since that went off without a hitch, and they’ve got experience with large productions in national parks, this is a no-brainer. We’ve got a real contract this time, and not some dusty handshake and ‘co-gifting’ bullshit.

      They’ve pitched this fantastic idea of circling our twenty-four cargo containers into a circular wall structure. Looks amazing on paper, and I’ll just sue the fuck out of them if it doesn’t work out on the playa. 🙂

  2. Hey Jim! Last year was a blast, but I’m wondering if we can try to do it a little differently this year. The Lost Hotel people were below our standards. I think we can all afford a little extra for professional services, not these bitter burners trying to hack it out. I spent half the time just watching these losers fumble around with everything.

    Also, our placement was too far out from the happening places. Can you talk with Larry about getting on the Esplanade, or at least near it so we don’t have to trek so far to really party? The other camps don’t even pay for their placement and WE’RE stuck out in bumb-fuck Egypt? Not cool.


    1. Also… I met with T and X on Friday. They’re both in for this year and would like you to call them. They have the same concerns as I do, and also would like to modify the security arrangement on the cars. T kept getting weird hugs from strangers who didn’t even know who she is, but some chick recognized her and wouldn’t leave her alone and went mental and took about a thousand pictures.

      We think that rather than one big guy on each car, we can have 3 smaller guys who know how to handle plebs. X’s security guy would be perfect and he knows a couple guys, they’re ex-military and also know how to party (can get the good stuff).

      I’ll be in SF in two weeks and we can meet to discuss further.


  3. Jim!!

    I had SO MUCH FUN last year at the camp… I mean between the daily massages, the gourmet food, the AWESOME camp layout I am SO EXCITED for this year…

    Question though, is there ANY way we can really keep out the people more this year? I mean… I had to talk to, like, THREE people in that weird group called, um? DPW? I mean they are SO HORRIBLE. Who the hell do they think they are? “Hey, we’re working, anyway you can get some water?” Um…. NO? Working? Please. Don’t even start to lie to me… and how about a shower? It was really hard being around that level of society. If we can work harder this year I can totally see myself bringing me and all the girls back.

    And you REALLY need to talk to those board people of yours… cause srsly? OMG! Saying all those things about you on that RIDIC blog. Can’t they tell those people to SHUT UP? OMG! It’s like they wanted to say that we did something wrong! DUH, that’s why they have that clean up crew. HELLO?! To CLEAN. But they do nothing but complain so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

    Can’t wait to see you again in the dirt! YAY!

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