Roundtables are like interactive TED talks, but with a more selective audience.  Think of it as being at King Arthur’s Court, when he’s on a crusade and Guinevere is in charge.  She hand picks all the Roundtable attendees so that the dialog does not stray to useless topics such as Equality or Community Standards.  This year’s Roundtable lineup, and invitation list, is being managed by the Matron herself.  Most Roundtables will be held in the amphitheater, complimenting our fantastic music lineup.

  • Larry – Burning the Man: The long road to social acceptance and profitability.
  • Marian – Image Magick: Rewriting history makes you the victor.
  • Danger – The Line in the Dust: Have we crossed one too many, or too few?
  • Jimmy – Principals: With the right friends, you can re-write reality.
  • Brian – That was Burning Man – Discarding evolutionary cruft.
  • Cyssandra – Playa Dust: How to keep it from blowing away.

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