The Grateful Dead

Perhaps you’ve heard about amazing success that The Grateful Dead’s promoter had in monetizing their ‘limited run’ 2015 tour.  A mere three shows at Soldier Field and they managed to rake in as much cash as their entire 1995 tour run; and they don’t even have Jerry this time.  By limiting the venue, and twisting the ticket process into knots, they even eclipsed Burning Man as the most sought after ticket of the year.

Well, we couldn’t let that happen, could we?  Peter “Ass Chaps” Shapiro slipped a pretty little provision into the 20th Anniversary deal that has The Grateful Dead playing a fourteen hour set on Wednesday September 2nd, with Daft Punk playing as the warm-up!  Fourteen hours means a minimum of three songs!

This is a no-guests event: Registered camp members only.  If you want your entourage to attend, you need to purchase them full camp memberships.  We will have the sound system cranked so loud the entire playa will know what they are missing.

The Grateful Dead, at Burning Man, with a cap of 500 seats.  This is the exclusive event of the decade!

Come for the acid, stay for the music!

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