“Can I reserve a suite at Château Tananburn now, but hold off payment until I have secured tickets for myself and my entourage?”

Pardon me for my indelicacy, but you are nouveau riche, aren’t you?  Perhaps tech start-up rich?  You haven’t really had a chance to appreciate just how right Chris Rock is?  Let us help you embrace your new reality while attending the mind blowing experience of Burning Man.

Securing a suite at Château Tananburn means not having to deal with trivialities such as ordering your staff to participate in the on-line sale for you.  As a prestigious guest at our camp, your presence itself is a desired commodity.  As a member of a board, I make sure our guests, are gifted tickets by hook or by crook, which is why we can say we didn’t participate in a special ticket sale with a straight face and without getting our lawyer’s boxers all knotted up.

You will find yourself invited to many exclusive parties, art car rides, and roundtables.  Do be careful how many of these events you attend, as accepting too many invitations may encourage unwanted attachments with people unworthy of our camp.  If this does happen, our camp perimeter patrol can assist with sycophant detachment.

To answer your question: No. In order to secure your suite at Château Tananburn you need to transfer your full payment to my Cayman Island account ASAP.  We would be very disappointed, in you, if you missed out on this opportunity and had to rent RVs for yourself and your staff like some traveling circus.

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