This page is largely for your accounts and business managers.  Please give them access to your member only account so that they can keep up to date with changes on this page.  If you read this page yourself, please keep in mind that this topic is somewhat inflammatory to some people at Burning Man.  Just like bringing up Politics at a cocktail party, talking about how much you spent on your camp at Burning Man is going to keep you from getting laid.

As part of The Ten Principles, commerce is heavily frowned upon at Burning Man. Commerce before Burning Man is OK, and Commerce after Burning Man is OK.  So we do our best to operate within those terms.

First, base-line camp dues are to be paid at time of reservation.  We accept Cayman-to-Cayman wire transfer, and specific commodities delivered by courier.  We do not accept cash, checks, or Bitcoin.  Dues for the Basic Mirror Mirror Experience Package are $20k, per person, from gate open until Labor Day.  Early arrival and/or late departure will require additional payment.

We have decided to add a new Premium Package.  If you do not see Sun God Pyramid in the left menu, you didn’t meet our criteria and that option was not enabled for your account.  If you would like to be considered for next year’s Premium Package offering, we suggest you Delete Facebook, Hit the Gym, and Lawyer Up.

Camp dues are not rent, or pre-payment, or an entertainment fee.  They are a contribution to the creation of Mirror Mirror.  They are due upon reservation to secure your place in the camp, and they are non-refundable should you be unable to attend.  The camp goes on, and it needs that money.

There are some services that are not considered part of the base-line Mirror Mirror experience.  These will have à la carte fees associated with them.  While you can preview these fees with the Camp Concierge, we believe that if you have to ask you really can’t afford it.  Using seamless integration with your camp supplied Apple Watch, you will feel a slight buzzing when you inquire about something off the special-special menu.  Simply acknowledge the displayed charge, and it will be added to your account; which is due upon your arrival back in the default world.  In this way we preserve the Principle of Decommodification.

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