One Lucky Winner!

tl;dr – Win a free week-long stay at Caravancicle 2.0, Burning Man 2015’s premier Concierge Camp!  Be the one meeeelionth person to share or re-post this post.  (Taxes, fees, and bad karma may apply. )

So, the Zuck-Man just bailed.  Something about going to some new festival in Costa Rica.  I reminded him that the camp contribution is non-refundable and he said “So?  Give my spot to someone on Facebook.”  Well all-righty then!  It’s long been our policy that as long as the bed is paid for, we don’t care who is sleeping in it.

Here’s the deal:  You could win a one week stay at Caravancicle 2.0, complete with your own limited edition Apple Watch and charter flight service from the airport of your choice.  All you need to do is share this post to every person and group to which you are connected on Facebook,  whoring yourself to social media in ways you always said you would never do.  When the Facebook page counter hits one million, we’ll see who the last person was to share it.  The lucky winner will be crowned our King of the Bean and will have a one week reign in our magical kingdom.

One thought on “One Lucky Winner!”

  1. Only 14 shares so far on Facebook. I think Zuck-Man’s little playground is losing popularity…

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