Tickets, Tickets, Tickets…

As I’m sure you read all over the Interwebs, Burning Man tickets sold out within seconds.  This makes Burning Man the most popular and exclusive event of the year!    A-Listers, who were savvy enough to secure their tickets early, will be ‘leaking’ pictures of themselves consuming premium foods and beverages in the barren wasteland of the Playa.  Those endorsement deals alone will easily cover the camp dues for Mirror Mirror.  All the while, B-Listers the world over will be trying to fill that week with photo-ops of them doing good deeds; as if people really care about that sort of thing.

We’ve worked hard to engineer the hype, and the scarcity of tickets.  Never before have so many people been so disappointed that they couldn’t attend this ‘radically inclusive’ event.  This year, it was easier to get nominated for an Oscar than it was to get a ticket through the public channels.  In the right circles, mentioning that you have your ticket secured will generate you more hype and envy than a new word tattoo.

With five hundred tickets reserved for members of the Mirror Mirror camp, your spot on the dusty carpets of Burning Man is virtually guaranteed! *

Make your reservation now, as spots are filling fast.  You don’t want to spend the week hanging out with Kathy Griffin doing charity work, do you?

*Not actually guaranteed, until we receive your reservation deposit.  The quickest route to the C-List is to lose your spot to Andy Dick.

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