“Wristbands, really?  Don’t you think that is a little bridge & tunnel?”

One of my most profound regrets is that Caravancicle had to resort to wristbands for guest identification in 2014.  We were left in the unpleasant position of relying on visual identification markers to sort the wheat from the chaff, but it was not our fault.  We had planned on using NFC technology so that our perimeter security could transparently distinguish between Guests and Interlopers and respond accordingly. We had a supply chain failure that was outside of our control, so we resorted to the same type of wristbands that Burning Man uses for their ‘credential’ system.  I apologize that Cookie Boy failed to come through with the early release batch of Apple Watches that we were promised.  I am truly sorry that Apple failed us.

While there is no exchange of money for goods and services while on the playa, you can use your Apple Watch to vouch for future payment of certain above-and-beyond expenses that are not covered by normal camp dues.  These expenses may include specialty kitchen orders, exotic cocktails or beverages, or monopolizing multiple Merriment Guides for extended periods of time in your Qube.


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