“Is the current story about your resignation in the Jack Rabbit Speaks true?”

Yes, it is true. I have resigned from the Board of Directors of the Burning Man Project.  Let’s be real: they weren’t going to kick me out, were they?  😉

Being on the board of directors started to have a teensy weensy bit of negative impact on my pet project of building extravagant theme camps.  If I hadn’t been on the board, nobody would have ever heard of Caravancicle.  We would have anonymously sat in the middle of a cluster of hyper-expensive concierge camps and nobody would have batted an eye.  The negative press generated by my association with the Burning Man Project has impacted our camp in several ways:

  • We had to drop our trademarked ‘Sherpa Wear’ line of clothes.
  • Our Mistresses of Merriment have asked for post-playa doctor visits to be reimbursed.
  • Most of our volunteers have demanded to be paid.
  • Our Guides tried to unionize, and even demanded overtime!

None of these things would have happened if I had not joined the board.  The bottom line is that the only reason I joined the board was for access to tickets.  Now that Larry has decreed that Plug-n-Play camps get real placement, that need has been alleviated.  We simply applied as a theme camp, and we got all the tickets we needed.  Once that was a done deal, I promptly resigned from the board.

Ironically, it is all the bruhaha over Caravancicle that has finally opened the door to getting Plun-n-Play camps the respect, and more importantly the placement, they deserve. For that, I wish to thank you and everyone else who made such a fuss. Out of the shadows and into the light. You got us the recognition that money alone hadn’t been able to buy!

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