“What are these Ten Principles?”

The Ten Principles are the foundation of the Burning Man movement.  They are a set of community derived ethics that formed over many years of desert gatherings, communal art projects, and attempts to find some meaning in it all.  After becoming a finely honed ethos of peace and understanding between tens of thousands of temporary neighbors, Larry transcribed them and claimed them as his own.

Without Burning Man, the Ten Principles could have been some Sociology student’s thesis; a theory untested and relegated to the back of a closet or a dusty shelf. Burning Man provided the vibrant ecosystem necessary to evolve a smattering of ideas into a singular communal organism.

Without the Ten Principles, Burning Man could not have grown this large and survived the tidal forces of a discordic community; and Larry would probably not have new teeth.

If you are interested in the Ten Principles, there are plenty of articles and blog posts delving into the finer nuances.  For the most part, you only need to know the above historical cliff notes, as the principles themselves pretty much don’t apply to members of Mirror Mirror.


One thought on “Principles?”

  1. If anyone asks, just say they should believe in “Radical Inclusion” and not be haters.

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