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We are well aware that Burning Man is as much an experience for your devotees as it is for yourself.  With proper handling, you will be the lens through which your fans, followers and stalkers vicariously experience Burning Man.  Thanks to our efforts in engineering unprecedented ticket demand, you can expect a Burning Man Bump in your popularity index rating with as little as one social media update per day.  This, in turn, can be leveraged into higher paying endorsement contracts and more prestigious sponsorship deals.  Add ‘Burners’ or ‘Without Borders’ to your pet charity project, and you’ll be drowning in donations!

Our Media Center is here to help with your image management.  In our air conditioned Image Control Room,  your publicist will have 24/7 access to the Internet as well as critical cable news network feeds.  Facebook, Twitter, and TMZ have donated dedicated high-speed network connections to our Media Center, on the condition that they get a five minute lead on all posts, pics and vids.  Using our patented Trend Tracking Systems, your on-playa persona can be adjusted to match the hourly shifts in what’s hot and what’s not.  Our Media Center offers AT&T WIFI and Starbuck’s Coffee, any time day or night.

Please carry and use your official camp beverage container at all times.  Not only is container control essential to making sure you are not served any mid-shelf drinks, this glass is a perfect shade of green for post-party image editing.  Upon returning from a day and/or night of partying, your Spirit Guide will deliver your digital photos and videos to our Media Center.  While you rest, our media specialists will digitally insert appropriate food and beverages from your on-file endorsement list.  In the absence of personal endorsement contracts, Mirror Mirror reserves the right to insert official camp sponsors’ products into your media.  The final product will be ‘leaked’ to your preferred media outlets via our high speed satellite Internet link.

If you are simply rich, and haven’t yet mastered the transition to fame and glamor, Burning Man is the place to take control.  We can recommend several image consultants who can help you use your Burning Man Experience to build the type of following that is usually reserved for movie stars.  To see how Burning Man can help morph your image from drab dud to media darling, just check out this guy.

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