“It’s cool, right?”

In this regard, Burning Man mirrors the outside world.  The answer to this question will depend on whether you are a camp member, or an employee.


While we expect that our guests will have more refined tastes than the general population, we encourage them to use a little discretion.  Nobody is going to stop you from doing Columbia’s finest off the tanned body of a Spirit Guide, but it would be nice if you picked up your own baggie afterwards.

Keep in mind that Nevada is a ‘pay to play’ state.  Average cost of dismissal for cases against attendees at Camp Olympus in 2013 was $10k per charge with around $100k as the maximum.  We don’t have stats for Caravancicle 2014 yet as the docket has not been fully cleared.  As long as you can afford it, Burning Man is the perfect place to indulge.


Spirit Guides found in possession of illegal drugs will be ejected from the camp and their pay shall be withheld in a defense fund in case any fines are levied against the camp.

You were chosen to serve as a Spirit Guide with the privilege of facilitating other people’s transformation, and you should take this responsibility seriously.  Because you embody these values in your everyday life, and you truly understand what a gift it is to be of service to others in this way, we expect you to focus on our guest’s pleasures and not your own.

One notable exception is that if you are serving in one of the Pleasure Guides roles, and a guest requests that you indulge with them, then it is ‘temporarily permitted’.  You are not allowed to accept gifts of drugs from guests, as they may not be in a state to recognize that they may have need of them later in the event.  We do not wish to deprive any guest of a potential avenue of pleasure and enlightenment.

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