Musical Lineup

We are expanding our music venue!  Rather than an open air courtyard and a team of DJs competing for food scraps, we are building out a full concert venue.  Working with an amphitheater design by Frank Lloyd Wright that was discarded for being impracticable, we will be bisecting two full city blocks and then bridging across the road, to bring you an impressive 16 acre concert hall.  The amenities will rock your world!  Best of all, rather than earning more red and yellow marks on the MOOP Map for not tearing down properly, we’re just going to burn it on Sunday night.  Time to give that Temple crew a run for their money and see who can draw the bigger crowd.


Without further delay, our musical line-up!

  • The Grateful Dead
  • Daft Punk (No more looking for them at the trash fence!)
  • Lorde
  • Queen, with holographic Freddy Mercury!
  • Nirvana, with KC2 (Cloned from pubic hair follicles!)

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