Personal Services

The Spiritual Journey that is Burning Man is rife with physical distractions.  In order to free you to embark on this Transformation, we have enlisted the aid of dozens of seasoned Burners who are eager to aid in every facet of your experience

Camp Concierge – The master of all the secrets of Black Rock City, the Camp Concierge can find you anything, or anyone, you want on the playa.  The event schedule of every theme camp, the location of every absinthe bar, and the playa name of every hottie memorized, and available twenty four hours a day to whisper these secrets into your waiting ears.  Even while far away from camp, you can quickly communicate with the Concierge via your camp issued gold Apple Watch and our exclusive mesh network.

Spirit Guides – Your personal compass, guiding you from one adventure to another.  Always nearby, but blending into the background to near invisibility.  Your Spirit Guide is attuned to the vibe of Burning Man, and will sense your needs before you do.  Your Spirit Guide will also handily pick up any MOOP you accidentally drop.  You will miss your Spirit Guide when you return to the default world.

Fashion Guide – Burning Man is a vibrant scene, with different moods around every corner.  Your personal Fashion Guide have outfits for every event prepared and waiting for you.  And just like the cast of Sex in the City, you’ll never wear the same outfit twice!

Merriment Guides – If there are there three things you have heard about Burning Man, at least two of them are sex.  Our Merriment Guides know the ins and outs of all things playa-erotic, and they are eager to Gift that to you.  Our Merriment Guides are Nevada approved, and under strict NDA and professional services contracts; you need not fear a Cosby Incident twenty years from now.

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