“What’s with the apology posted on the Burning Man site?  We are rich, we don’t apologize! Will camping with an apologist impact my experience?”

Let’s take a step back and breath for a moment.  There are a lot of people worked up right now, and we don’t want to bring that negative energy into our space.

Caravancicle was a 1000% success, and in 2015 we plan to be ten times better than that.  Visit the testimonials section of the website to see how a week immersed in our Burning Man Experience Package has changed the way our Patrons view the World.

Now, about that post on the Burning Man website:

First and foremost, that was not an apology.  It was a ‘statement’.  Nowhere in that missive will you find me apologizing for anything other than how other people behaved or reacted.  I did nothing wrong.  I stand by that, and as you can see the Burning Man organization stands by me.

Second, I didn’t write that.  Six Public Relations firms, four lawyers, and a couple of BMORG Board Members that I’ve groomed into perfect ‘yes people’ wrote that.  I just let them put my name on it because they felt some of the more touchy/feely members of the community had their boxers in a knot.

If I set out to write an apology you will know it because I won’t mince words; but that isn’t going to happen because I have not done anything that BMORG is willing to censure me over.  They know better than to bite the hand that teases it might someday give them food.  They’d rather attack their own original members in an effort to deflect blame, which indicates they are quickly acclimating to the cutthroat world of non-profit board membership.

It is possible that the post “A Statement from Jim Tananbaum“* might result in negative attention for Chateau Tananburn.  Some of the comments indicated that we may see occupy-style protests and picketing.  Rest assured, our perimeter patrol is prepared to keep any classist protesters far enough away that you won’t hear or smell them.

*I’ve had to update the link to a Wayback Machine link, as BMORG has decided to scrub my existence from their website.

2 thoughts on “Apology?”

  1. I get it. This is a satirical page. But, honestly, it’s difficult to tell because lower tier rich people are so fucking annoying like this.

    1. Are you sure this is satire? As you pointed out, rich people are exactly this annoying. Have you heard the stories where Trump would do a big contract with a small company, then call in the head of the company just to power-play them and say he wasn’t going to pay the full bill? Rich people love to laud it over the plebes. Like I’m doing here. Who’s is satire now, eh?

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