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As an exclusive Fashion Guide, you are one of the behind-the-scenes angels who make our clients look and feel their best! You have an epic sense of style, and you can look at a body and just know what will make it better. Each client will have an extensive wardrobe custom-assembled to suit their broad tastes, but you are the one who brings it all together for that signature “playa look” that will have the cameras snapping in your clients’ direction whenever they want to make a scene. Most clients will need to change several times a day, so you will spend most of your time near their accommodations. However, if pre-arranged, you can take a spin or two around the event, as long as the next costume change is simple, and laid out ahead of time with clear instructions. (If the client also has bought the “Fluffer Package” instructions can be left with the Fluffer, who will first relax the client, then dress them.)

In your application, submit at least 2 selfies showing real-life outfits, and at least 10 collages of couture pieces (you can get images from Vogue, etc.) demonstrating the breadth of your hippest style-assembly skills. We will be looking for expertise in achieving some of the following looks: Sexy American Indian Shaman Girl (think lots of feathers and suede g-strings), RaverKid- (for both boys and girls), Mad Max & Tank Girl, Harem Cutie, Arabian Sheik, Hip Hop Star, Ho, Chakra Devotee, Fur & Light Show, Carney, Acrobat, Steampunk, Matrix, Old-Style Furry, Faeries, BDSM, Sexy Paleo Tribe, Sexy Sherpa Tribe (the Real kind) and Hollywood Premiere.

You will be expected to bring your own collection of accessories, to fill in any stylistic gaps that may occur. (Under no circumstances should these be dirty or look used.) You should also expect not to get them back, as a client may have to practice “gifting” without warning.)

Experience with all-over spray tanning a plus.

Do you think you have what it takes? Apply below:

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